Monday, January 14, 2008

FIRST SUNDAY Confuse me with deacon? How dare you!

After seeing the movie First Sunday, crying-laughing I realize that as he did before, Ice Cube has managed to pull off and pull out another winner. This movie will undoubtedly influence our consideration of attendance at church meetings. This movie will definitely Touch YOU.
It fooled me, feeding my consipiracy theories yet coming out with the truth that a theft is always an "inside job". He took the weight off of the pastors.

I went to a predominantly biker hiop-hop gathering finding joy in seeing others in revelry only to have a rather buxom sister ask "RU a deacon? We also played with the " I got papers to prove it!"

I am sure that Ice Cube has captured the sentiment of many who have considered coming to church and some who don't while ending in a solution. This for all accusers of the the community and for all active church members-FORGIVENESS. The solution is in the church's initiation of this spiritual principle.

He accurately looks at a major problem that is making the Black church and any black business or institution impotent . This centers around a lack of knowledge or unwillingness to coordinate ALL of the existing community resources within the domain of the 'visionaries dream'. This allows for minimization of waste and nepotism. Otherwise the church is not doing any different from an exclusive social club, giving the Good News and access to the pastor to a differentiated few that he has respector of persons for. The world that God dispises is in, God is out, as is His hope for our communities, unless we correct this problem. All "members" of the body should have a function within the body of Christ and if not impotence will continue.

Does the leadership have anyone to answer to in these last days? Have not the majority of all of the current members "joined church" under his/her leadership? I assume a percentage of what they give "belongs" to him. As a worldly right to worldly passage without any inkling of spiritual development, servititude people line up to become members of the leadership so they can get in.
No where is the Spirtual gift of prophecy allowed to question the leadership

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